New Hobbies, New You

If you are going through a divorce, it is no secret that your life is going to be turbulent for the foreseeable future. One way that you can combat the stress and anger of a divorce is to find new hobbies that you enjoy. It is important to find hobbies that will help you grow and change as a person and not ones that leave you in a self-destructive rut. Finding the time and motivation to learn something new can be difficult when all you want to do is wallow in sadness, but I promise you that if you take your pent up emotions and put them towards something productive you will be able to cope with all the changes that your life is going through. Here is a list of hobbies that you may have always wanted to try or you could get back into.

Exercise Classes

This one is great because exercise alone will help you in more ways than one. Exercising produces endorphins, relieves stress, lowers anxiety, makes you look and feel your best. But many people hate how boring and hard the gym can be, so by joining a class you can make it fun and learn a new skill! Joining a class or taking private lessons will hold you accountable, let you meet new people and can make exercising feel like a game.  Maybe it’s time to pull out the old tennis racket, cinch on a martial arts belt, or put on some dancing shoes and break out of your comfort zone. Learning a new sport can be just the thing that helps you cope with your divorce in a healthy way and it creates positive habits for the rest of your life.

Cooking Classes

Maybe you did all of the cooking in your last marriage, maybe you did none of it or maybe you split it evenly. Either way, improving your skills is an enjoyable pastime with a yummy outcome. Now that you are cooking for yourself, you can focus on the cuisine that you really enjoy. What you don’t want to do is start eating cheap and easy junk food, because let’s face it, most of us stress eat. Taking cooking classes will keep you eating healthy, help you socialize, and may help you discover a hidden talent you didn’t know you had.


Creative Endeavors

No one said that you had to be a creative genius to pick up a paintbrush. The best thing about being creative is that it allows you to express yourself at your own pace. Maybe you don’t want to spend the money to take personalized classes (they can be very expensive) but writing, painting, reading, and crafts are all relatively cheap options.  Writing can be a great tool for self-guided therapy and it is very cathartic. Whether it is short stories, journal entries, poetry, or even just getting your confused thoughts on a page, writing has proven positive benefits for mental health. Quiet creativity is a powerful tool to turn to when you are feeling down or nervous, and it provides a personal outlet for stress.  No one has to see your work until you want them too, so you can do something for you that you feel proud of. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials online that teach you to do almost anything that you would want for free!


Going through a divorce can be hard, but the fall out can be even harder. Make sure to surround yourself with friends and family, dance to your favorite music, watch your favorite movies and just know that it is only a roadblock, not a permanent destination. Picking up a new hobby is something that will create a positive and much-needed distraction, and will help you on your journey of healing.