When we appear in court for you as your divorce or family lawyer, the Court has jurisdiction over us as well as over you. We require a retainer before putting the firm or any lawyer in the firm in that position. The initial retainer required depends upon the complexity of the case, issues, prior complications (self help or attorney neglect), and other relevant factors. Each case has its own attributes requiring professional analysis and advocacy.

We welcome all family law issues, whether they involve property, custody, parent time or support. We also handle restraining orders, protective orders and stalking injunctions, parenting plans, modifications and other matters.

“Family” law is not just divorce. We encourage extended family support where helpful, and value the added wisdom, life experience, and abilities of grandparents, especially where children are vulnerable to the upset and, sometimes, trauma of parental conflict. “Family” law also includes the increasingly common problem of establishing paternity or parentage, custody, parent time, and fair financial support for unmarried parents.

Experience: 35 years of trial practice and case resolution.

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Family and Divorce Attorneys

  • Child abuse
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Parent time rights
  • Mediation (as your representative)
  • Paternity & Parentage
  • Spousal Support
  • Unmarried Parent Custody
  • Parent Plans
  • Juvenile Law
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At The Huntsman Firm we offer legal advice and representation that will give you the options you need along with the assistance you are looking for. We have the experience and knowledge to help resolve your case and give you the best outcome under the circumstances.