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Should You Get A Prenup?

It’s no secret that prenups are pretty controversial. Unless you and your spouse are incredibly wealthy, it can be pretty hard to justify getting one because no one wants to think about their marriage ending before it has even begun. But one thing that everyone has to accept is that no matter what marriage will […]

The Physical and Mental Effects of Divorce

There are many studies to suggest that getting a divorce does not just affect your emotional state, but it can also take a toll on your physical health. If you are considering or have already gotten a divorce, make sure to watch out for these symptoms or to try and be proactive to counteract them. […]

Staying Together for the Kids

You have probably heard that phrase before, or maybe you tell it to yourself. It would have been easier to walk away from a bad relationship before there were children involved, but now there are a lot of factors to consider. Everyone wants what is best for their children, and staying in a miserable marriage […]

Adultery and Divorce

No one wants to believe that their spouse would cheat on them, especially after being married for a while. But unfortunately, it does happen. Maybe it came as a surprise, maybe it didn’t. But how do you move forward from a betrayal like that? Should you race and get a divorce lawyer as fast as […]

New Hobbies, New You

If you are going through a divorce, it is no secret that your life is going to be turbulent for the foreseeable future. One way that you can combat the stress and anger of a divorce is to find new hobbies that you enjoy. It is important to find hobbies that will help you grow […]

Getting Married as a Child of Divorce

  If you are the child of divorced parents,  you might think about marriage differently than your peers growing up. The divorce rate hit an all-time in the 1980s when it was almost 50%. But now that Millennials, who were born between 1980-1996, are products of that statistic, they view marriage differently than their parents. […]

Steps to Take Before Divorce

Steps to Take Before Divorce If there is one thing that almost everyone can agree on, it’s that human relationships are complicated. If only we could live in a fairytale, where after we marry someone, we can ride off into the sunset together. But the truth,  is a lot of people get divorced for many […]

Small Business and Divorce

  Splitting assets in a divorce is a complicated and lengthy process. But what about a business? Depending on who owns the business and how much it is worth, even more complicated. All the details of separating a  business cannot be covered in one blog post, but it can cover some general questions that people […]

How to Tell People You Are Getting Divorced

  Your relationship with your spouse is a fairly private affair, but once you get a divorce it sometimes feels like all of your dirty laundry is aired in public. Close friends and family should be supportive and understanding, but what about co-workers? Or your children’s friend’s parents? Or even extended family members? Do you […]

Divorce After Adoption

For most children, divorce will be a confusing and traumatic time. But if they are adopted, it might make the situation even more difficult.  Children might experience attachment issues, anger issues or even lash out in unpredictable ways. The laws surrounding custody of adoption cases are pretty straightforward but the emotional turmoil that is can […]