Under Utah law each parent begins with equal rights and obligations regarding their children. Mothers are not “presumed” to have sole custody, nor are fathers “presumed” to be the only financial provider.

However, this equality can change, and change rapidly, if parents do not assert their parentage in a proper and lawful way. This assertion is often most needed in unmarried relationships.

We so often hear from mothers who have not communicated with the child’s father for years, only to find that Dad now wants to exercise parent time with his child. What rights does he have? What rights does Mom have to say “no”? What obligations at law does each parent have toward the other parent, to the child, to the state, to the court, and to anyone else? Does the mother’s new boyfriend have more rights than the child’s father?

You see the problem.

While many thorny problems in custody, parent time, and support may be more easily solved if done early, it is not always too late (but sometimes it is too late).

So, contact us. THE HUNTSMAN FIRM will help you secure your parental rights to custody, parent time, and support, as the case may be. But beware trying to do this complex legal work by yourself. You wouldn’t get on the internet and step-by-step take out your own appendix, would you? And be sure to retain a lawyer whose concentration is on family law, not a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. Get someone knowledgeable and focused on family law issues.

At THE HUNTSMAN FIRM, family law is all we do. 100%. We know what we are doing and keep up on the many rapid changes in family law to better serve you.