Why Hire a Lawyer for an Amicable Divorce?

So you are considering a divorce. But you also realize that this is an amicable situation. So why is it necessary to involve lawyers if both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the divorce?

The fact of the matter is, divorces are not usually so cut and dry. And these are the type of things that you will really want to read the small print. Lawyers study for years to be able to understand the wording and significance of different agreements and while you may not want to get anyone else involved, you will most likely be saving yourself future pain and frustration.

Like in most big decisions, you’re agreeing to the terms have some big consequences. You will need the help of someone who can advocate for you for custody rights, the division of property and assets, and other issues. Especially if either party wants to file a modification later on. In that case, you will want to have someone on your side who is familiar with your experience.

Though you may consider the divorce amicable, if it turns out to be not-as-amicable as you thought later on, you are taking some risks. The simple truth of the matter is that in order to protect yourself from being taken advantage of, you need the help of experts. Come to the Huntsman Firm and protect your future.

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  1. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for going over some of the benefits of getting an attorney for an amicable divorce. I actually hadn’t considered that they can help you understand and navigate different agreements. Definitely sounds like this could be beneficial, especially if you are not well versed with law terminology.

  2. Derek Dewitt
    Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I haven’t been on good terms lately and are considering getting a divorce, but I’m not sure if I need a lawyer or not. I like that you mention how a lawyer can help you read the small print and understand the wording of all the legal documents. I have no experience with these things, so knowing what I am signing in court would save me a lot of trouble later I bet. Thanks for sharing!

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